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June 7, 2005

Laurence Harle, 1949-2005

imageLaurence Harle, the writer behind the series Jonathan Cartland, has passed away, according to various European comics news sites. She was born in 1949 in Paris, met artist Michel Blanc Dumont in 1973 and began their collaboration soon after. The Cartland series had ten volumes according to one report. She continued to work in the 1980s with an America history seen through the eyes of the army, La Cavalerie Americaine. She won festival prizes in 1984 (Hyeres) and 1988 (Angouleme), and also wrote for the movies and for television.

I've included the photo used by the web site Actua BD (all rights reserved to them) because that may be the coolest cartoonist obituary photo I've ever seen. Harle had turned 56 in April.

Bart Beaty remembers "a remarkable pioneer and a tremendous individual."
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