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September 23, 2007

Lawsuit Brought in Bangladeshi Case

Slipping onto the wires last Friday so that I almost missed it, Mohammad Rez, an official at a private Islamic university called Jamea'atul Islamia, has filed a case against the cartoonist Arifur Rahman, as well as his editor and publisher at Aalpin, for the publication of a cartoon using the word Muhammed in wordplay. The suit claims this mention was derogatory to the Prophet Muhammed, and that it was aimed at creating conflict between Bangladesh and other Muslim countries. The suit was accepted and a hearing set for September 30.

Rahman is currently in jail according to a measure of Bangladeshi law that allows the jailing of people deemed at risk or whose freedom might put the country at risk. As if to prove one or both of those points, 30 people were injured in protests following Friday prayers.

The cartoon originally ran September 17.
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