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June 1, 2009

Let The Crumb/Genesis Onslaught Begin


Of all the titles being promoted at the just-past Book Expo America, none have quite the name value and want-to-see factor as Robert Crumb's long-gestating project about the book of Genesis. The Fall release was a focus of WW Norton's BEA efforts, and today various media types were e-mailed a link to this morgue-building article about Peter Poplaski concerning that project. They are also running a massive excerpt in that magazine's pages.

The Book Of Genesis Illustrated By R. Crumb may prove the exception to the rule that a project's press journey is its least interesting aspect. Given Crumb's age and cultural standing this is a classic Lion In Winter project, formidable in terms of its relevancy and quirkiness with a twist that you can describe in a single magazine article sentence or even in a television promo leading to a commercial. I don't expect to see Crumb doing the car wash of radio and television shows on ESPN or anything modern media like that, but there should be plenty of genuine, press-driven interest in this book. At $25 for a reportedly 200-page book, it seems modestly priced as well.
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