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January 9, 2006

Let the Earth Bring Forth… Comics?

At least three Christianity-related comics stories -- I swear I'm forgetting one -- hit the wires in the last week or so, which is odd only because you don't generally see a lot of Christianity-related comics stories.

imageA Christian-themed comic book intended for criminals by a group of Christian police officers in Britain has been banned for not speaking to other faiths, raising a bunch of thorny, delicate issues that will likely just get people mad at one another. There's Douglas Rushkoff's new comic book from Vertigo that on the surface sounds a lot like one of those well-intentioned, fevered and strange Kirk Cameron movies or something a bunch of kids come up with at Bible Camp, but one suspects may infuriate fans of Kirk Cameron and bible camps. And finally, Christianity Today asks if Aslan couldn't learn a thing or two from Hobbes, or at least if the current caretakers of CS Lewis' Jesus-as-Lion couldn't learn something from Bill Watterson.
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