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November 13, 2006

Library Material Selection Meetings Underway In Marshall, Missouri

A couple of readers have written in to remind that there are indeed now weekly meetings concerning the Marshall, Missouri library, with weekly updates as to their progress. The library board came up with the solution of meetings to determine a material selection policy because a patron asked that Craig Thompson's Blankets and Alison Bechdel's Fun Home be removed from the shelves for brief, frank moments of adult or near-adult initimacy or intimations and suggestions thereof. This effectively removes the books from the shelves during the process, but also allows for a deeper consideration of what should and shouldn't be there, which may lead to a more considered apprecation of the graphic novels' literary merit as opposed to a "comics book with what in them? what? what?" summary decision.

David Welsh has followed this story closely since its top-of-blog-updates time in the sun a few weeks back.
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