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January 12, 2015

Links, Statements And Notes As They Relate To The Charlie Hebdo Killings


This is a clearinghouse for various links and articles related to the killings in and around the Charlie Hebdo offices, and its violent aftermath in Paris a couple of days later. There will be links to material and the employment of images here or elsewhere that may upset. Every link and every image used is intended to better facilitate this site's mission to inform.

* up top please find two magazine covers I wanted to see when I started thinking about the scope of the reaction: the New Yorker cover, and the Spirou cover.

image* and after waking up, I find that Luz's Hebdo cover is up. That image is important, and shouldn't wait until tomorrow, so here it is at left. A slight latecomer. That's a really interesting cartoon: a simple visual, still deeply upsetting and troubling for those that see as problematic to wrong any depiction of this type, or for those that object to the kind of caricature employed, but also moving and able to hold up to multiple, shifting ideas. It's also very melancholy.

* that's a cartoonist whose work friends were just murdered and who only avoided that fate by missing a routine weekly work meeting. I would be curled up in a ball.

* they've apparently printed three million, not one million, of that latest issue. I bet they sell out of that three million pretty easily, and suspect they'll do another giant printing for the Angouleme Festival.

* I made a separate post for this New York Times piece by Tim Kreider, but I wanted to remind people of it here because I thought it was thoughtful and articulate.

* here's a very passionately-argued piece indicting Charlie Hebdo's use of imagery.

* since many of you have asked, all I know about plans for the Angouleme Festival that are different than the plans that were made before are 1) there will be security precautions, 2) there will be formal and informal attempts all throughout the weekend to recognize what's taken place. I urge all of my friends who plan on attending to have the safest possible trip, and hope they will bear witness to any history being made during the show.

* elsewhere on that same site, Matt Bors makes a cartoon.

* Marguerite Dabie on the matter and some wider issues involved.

* there will be multiple attempts, both formally journalistic and informally via social media, to connect the Hebdo killings to various abuses of the press, such as the horror-show flogging of blogger Raif Badawai. I think that's fair and to be expected and hopefully does some good. I'm not interested in the "gotcha" element in pointing out, say, that there are world leaders participating in a march when some are not sporting the best free-speech records. It's usually not about winning the Internet on stories like these. I also think you can want to show support for a specific case or construction and still have a lot of shit you need to get squared away on your own. But someone's expressed admiration for an ideal through an act or through a statement certainly has power as a focus through which we re-examine certain practices. When it comes to free speech, that's usually a huge positive.

* and then there's the threatening of mosques as a direct result of both the news event itself and the kind of whipped-up fever into which people get on issues of religion when things get overheated as a result. It's inhuman, heartbreaking and unnecessary and I hope there's as little of it as possible with even less of a real-world next step. It doesn't strike me as a Christian response. If the motivation behind the killings was to instigate this kind of pushback, which is entirely possible, the persons making such threats have made themselves the continuation of the same terrorist act.

* here's video of MAD Editor John Ficarra's appearance on CBS's Sunday morning news programming.

* here's a short video news piece about those who chose not to march in the Je Suis Charlie Hebdo demonstrations.

* finally, at bottom, Ruben Bolling's Tom The Dancing Bug strip in response to last week's news.


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