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January 14, 2015

Links, Statements And Notes As They Relate To The Charlie Hebdo Killings

This is a clearinghouse for various links and articles related to the killings in and around the Charlie Hebdo offices, and its violent aftermath in Paris a couple of days later. There will be links to material and the employment of images here or elsewhere that may upset. Every link and every image used is intended to better facilitate this site's mission to inform.

* a story on the massive sell-out yesterday of the latest issue of Charlie Hebdo here.

* here is a measurement of that sell-out's intensity in terms even the most hardcore superhero comic book fans can understand.

* here are cartoons I hadn't seen yet from Jason and Guy Delisle. This cartoon from Batton Lash is presented with commentary and a link to video of local news talking to him about the incident overseas.

* here's a round-up of how media in various countries approached publishing Charlie Hebdo imagery.

* The Nib gathered seven different comics responses from a variety of viewpoints. Of particular interest to readers of this site might be Annette Carlsen's piece. She is one of the cartoonists that drew a Muhammed cartoon for Jyllands-Posten ten years ago this Fall.

* Jeff Trexler is reminded of a potential legal cousin to the French publication in a column at TCJ.

* we're starting to see more and more substantial pieces either come out from usual-suspect media platforms or kind of work their way to the surface from individual blogs as a certain number of people get behind them. Here's one from Kenan Malik. Here's one from Ted Rall. Here's a piece at Salon from Brittney Cooper. Leigh Phillips' piece I saw everywhere yesterday, particularly in my inbox. This piece from Vox about where their threats came from fascinated me. Here's Slavoj Zizek. And here's Michael Dooley. I'm glad Dooley brought up Paul Krassner because I've been thinking The Realist in relation to this horrifying series of crimes.

* I agree with a couple of main points of this article: 1) again, that The Realist is probably the closest US equivalent to Charlie Hebdo in terms of tone and the casual publication of taboos for the sake and for the force of publishing taboos 2) that a major difference for the French publication from any US one is that in France that generation of activists in particular is more concerned with anti-clerical thought than just about any comparable western culture.

* I'm not certain I've linked to this interview with Art Spiegelman.

* finally, another, earlier New York Times article rounds up some more scattered news, including the inexplicable jailing of Dieudonné M'bala M'bala.
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