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January 18, 2015

Links, Statements And Notes As They Relate To The Charlie Hebdo Killings

This is a clearinghouse for various links and articles related to the killings in and around the Charlie Hebdo offices, and its violent aftermath in Paris a couple of days later. There will be links to material and the employment of images here or elsewhere that may upset. Every link and every image used is intended to better facilitate this site's mission to inform.

* on Friday night, protests in Niger apparently triggered by the publication of last week's post-killings issue of Charlie Hebdo killed four, including one police officer. A bunch of buildings were damaged and a few dozen people were injured.

* I very, very much liked this article about what was actually featured on the cover of Charlie Hebdo in 2014.

* a lengthy feature article appeared in The Guardian about the surviving cartoonists and their putting out last week's publication.

* Mark Baumgarten takes a look back at the Molly Norris case for clues to understanding the Hebdo story.

* here's the Toronto Star statement on the publication of Charlie Hebdo imagery in their stories reporting on the magazine.

* Matt Wuerker and Jake Tapper on two separate issues regarding the whole Hebdo killings affair. Tapper is the first one I've seen that's not a lunatic go after the Obama administration for particpating in that "Hands Across Hebdo" world-leader march or whatever was going on there.

* Andrew Paul Wood argues that the fine arts world might be able to learn a lot by the Hebdo killings and the reaction taht followed.

* Alan Moore responds.

* Ger Apeldoorn has been putting up some older work by the Charlie Hebdo generation of cartoonists because of the killings. I think it's worth understanding that these cartoonists made a variety of work for a variety of publications.

* finally, Ted Rall made a cartoon.

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