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January 25, 2015

Links, Statements And Notes As They Relate To The Charlie Hebdo Killings

This recurring column is a clearinghouse for various links and articles related to the killings in and around the Charlie Hebdo offices, and its violent aftermath in Paris a couple of days later. There will be links to material and the employment of images here or in the linked-to articles that may upset. Every link and every image used is intended to better facilitate this site's mission to inform.

* thousands of protesters in places like Pakistan marched against the depiction of Muhammed in issues of Charlie Hebdo, including the recent, post-killings issue. In Turkey there was a significant political endorsement of one such march.

* the site Hooded Utilitarian has put all of their articles on the Hebdo killings in one place.

* I'm pretty sure I ran this very old link at some point, but of course it's always worth a reminder of this kind of awful thing. This very new link puts it into stark terms. These are criminal acts.

* the role of France's prison system in breeding this specific kind of criminal activity as well as outright terrorist organization recruitment is starting to get poked.

* the head of Russian's Orthodox Church would like you to know that Hebdo's attacks on Christianity were in a different league altogether.

* Jacob Canfield writes about his experience writing about the Hebdo killings.

* it took a few weeks, but someone finally wrote the "power of ink and paper" essay.

* Cory Doctorow writes about the tendency of governments to control speech in massively ironic and heartbreaking response to an incident ostensibly about the limits to a nightmarish response to free speech.

* this isn't a story I've followed, but I know from the Danish Cartoons Controversy this is a story that will likely be seen a lot in some form or another in the weeks ahead.

* I get the worry here with use of the word terrorist and I understand that can be a loaded term that's hard to define, but I don't all the way get not using a word because of perceived political implication -- that strikes me as odd, and making language overtly political in a way that's much more dubious in the long-run than the inherent political weight of language. Also, if what we know about the provenance of these attacks is true, and that word can't be used, I'm not sure it can ever be used, which is also weird. At the same, time, it's not a word I'm interested in using in this case.

* one break between these killings and the Danish Cartoons Controversy is that people feel the need to insist that you can support free speech and criticize Hebdo. Supporting free speech and kicking Jyllands-Posten in the nuts for their free speech stunt was never in question -- at least not to my memory, and certainly not to this extent.

* go, look: a cartoon from Jen Sorensen.

* one Hebdo staffer says it's very good President Obama didn't join in a world-leaders march because the Obama administration's record on press freedom is atrocious.

* what was the reaction like in our atheist, non-free speech supporting superpower country?

* another Hebdo-related event was canceled. This also comes with a special distribution arrangement, so let the opinion pieces fly.

* here's an American newspaper opinion-piece that I believe is saying the publication of the post-Hebdo issue is pretty much the same as yelling fire in a crowded theater.

* finally, here is Juanjo Guarnido's tribute piece. I have to admit, I hadn't thought about the major reporter characters that comics has traditionally featured.
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