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January 28, 2015

Links, Statements And Notes As They Relate To The Charlie Hebdo Killings

This recurring column is a clearinghouse for various links and articles related to the killings in and around the Charlie Hebdo offices, and its violent aftermath in Paris a couple of days later. There will be links to material and the employment of images here or in the linked-to articles that may upset. Every link and every image used is intended to better facilitate this site's mission to inform.

* lot of standard "Hebdo remembered at Angouleme" articles out there this morning.

* Facebook has apparently complied with a Turkish court ruling about the posting of a Hebdo Muhammed image. The article plays it as a kind of old-fashioned message-board argumentation "gotcha" moment, but I don't know that I see isolated incidents like as damning or indicative. Lot of shit needs to be figured out and individual instances might be all over the place for a while.

* here's a report about a man with ties to the two brothers that pepetrated the murders being arrested, which sounds reasonable, followed by a report of an eight-year-old being questioned, which sounds insane.

* this Turkish press article gives a brief outline of how free speech issues as played out in the reaction to the Hebdo killings have nationalistic ramifications.

* this poll is interesting, that there was a spike in Americans believing in the publication of such cartoons after the Hebdo incident. I wonder what it would be right now.

* this breaks my heart because it sounds like the image was posted in a way that fulfills the newspaper's mission to inform, which I strongly believe does sometimes steer a publication into problematic areas.

* finally, it's the kind of thing in which I have the least interest regarding the Hebdo killings, but probably the biggest thing going in terms of on-line debating about broader issues of politics and discourse tangentially-to-directly involved with the Hebdo killings is this Jonathan Chait essay. Those responding include Glenn Greenwald, Andrew Sullivan, Alex Pareene, Amanda Marcotte and Jessica Valenti. There may be more vitriol in all of those posts than reasoned discourse, but these are issues about which people feel strongly.
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