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March 28, 2011

Lloyd Dangle Closing Down Troubletown After 22 Years


The cartoonist Lloyd Dangle just sent out an e-mail announcing the retirement of his longtime alt-weekly strip Troubletown. The e-mail says, in part:
"That's right folks, after twenty-two years I've decided to retire my comic strip. It's been an agonizing decision but I've come to the conclusion that the time is right. I'll be doing my last strip at the end of April so there's still some time for me to do a few last cartoons, at least one of which will be self-aggrandizing. I want to thank all you newspapers for your longtime support, and you readers who made it all worthwhile. Finally I'd like to thank GOD, even though I'm an atheist."
Dangle is a much admired cartoonist and creators' rights advocate. Troubletown was started in 1988 in the San Francisco Bay Guardian and was one of better-known, syndicated alt-strips of the 1990s. Dangle turns 50 in May. He has been published by Drawn And Quarterly, Cat-Head, Manic D Press, Random House and his own imprint, Troubletown Books. He is a prolific illustrator as well.
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