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June 15, 2009

Looking For Iranian Election Cartoons


As events in Iran surrounding the disputed election continue to unfold, I've been keeping my eyes open for an Iranian election turmoil equivalent to the dispatches from cartoonist Mazen Kerbaj during the 2006 Lebanon War -- that is, a cartoonist on the ground and/or deeply focused on the events via personal insight that's expressing themselves via cartoons or comics. I thought there might be a chance for someone like that: Iran has any number of editorial cartoonists and features an aggressive blogging scene. I also wonder if the rise of Twitter and more instantaneous forms of communication eliminate that hitch step that might allow someone to make and post cartoons about what's going on. The best candidate so far is Nikahang Kowsar (sometimes Kosar), whose cartoon up top is one of the most reprinted and whose site seems to carry a number of cartoons commenting on the events. I'm not sure exactly where Kosar is located or for whom he makes cartoons; if I recall correctly, he was one of the artists jailed this decade who relocated to Canada.

In the meantime, below is one of the color-coded cartoons that made a splash in the days up to the election: the Guardian explains. I'm surprised Cagle doesn't have a clearinghouse of such cartoons up yet, but it should pop up on that page when it does. There are several cartoonists digging into it. The LA Times looks at the reaction of regional press, including cartoon makers.

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