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October 27, 2004

Looking Towards Angouleme

imageTo kick things off on a more-positive-than-usual note, we've been meaning to skip back a few days to when illustrator Zep, the president of this year's Festival International de la Bande Dessinnee, gave a press conference on the events at the 32nd edition, to be held late January in the French town every 17th American comics geek knows by name: Angouleme.

Even if you can't figure out what may be the most boss-lookin' map of a comics festival ever, stumbling through a written article en Francais and poking around the translated festival site should give you some idea of the festival's typical range and heavy-hitter status.

Events look to include a performance piece involving artists like Moebius and Nicholas de Crecy creating to music in homage to Little Nemo, a spotlight on Dave Cooper, professional appearances by luminaries such as Milo Manara, Art Spiegelman and Eddie Campbell, a big ol' nerdy-sounding debate on the graphic novel and events commemorating ten years since the passing of Hugo Pratt and 100 years since the birth of Edgar P. Jacobs.

If you need to write the trip off as business, you might consider swinging by Depuis to drop off a resume for one of their two open editorial positions.
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