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November 28, 2006

Luciano Bottaro, 1931-2006


The highly prolific creator of numerous original series as well as a significant body of work with Disney Comics, cartoonist Luciano Bottaro passed away on Saturday, days after celebrating his 75th birthday. A cartoonist who explored a wide range of approaches within his chosen style, his career began in 1949 as an artist for Lo Scolaro; he also drew satirical cartoons for La Domenica del Corriere and La Domenica Quiz. Bottaro began a decades-long relationship with Italian Disney comics in 1951. For the publisher Alpe, he created "Pepito" and several other series.

The pirate adventure "Pepito" became the anchor of his own magazine in 1954, which included Bottaro-created series "Saturnino," "Pop e Fuzzy," and "I Postorici." He also created a number of series for Bianconi. He founded the Bierreci studios in 1968, employing younger artists and briefly publishing a magazine, in addition to work for various publishers, including the Disney studios. Bierreci closed in 1985, after which the cartoonist continued on various projects as a solo freelancers.

The biography on the cartoonist's web site describe a husband and father of two daughters, and a man who enjoyed a number of outside interests including the culinary arts. And whether or not it's a trick of translation, that same article speaks of Boattaro's death in terms of something being extinguished, which seems to me a wonderful way to think of a creative person's passing.

sources:, the cartoonist's web site
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