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November 15, 2010

Lucy Caswell Retiring From OSU’s Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum

Alan Gardner at Daily Cartoonist has hold of a letter indicating that Lucy Caswell, the founder and curator of the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum, will be retiring at the end of this year. She then plans a return in the position of Curator for Special Projects. Jenny Robb, the current Associate Curator, will take over Caswell's position running the massive library holdings and the attendant museum.

Caswell has overseen the growth of OSU's comics holdings from boxes of material sent to the school by 1930 graduate Milton Caniff to a massive, multiple-holding collection of world-class variety. Since coming on board with a temporary assignment in the 1970s when the material was housed by the school's journalism department, Caswell has processed massive donations into the collection through the judicious application of time and money, made the collection available to scholars and fans of such material through its museum interface, constantly kept the library's holding up to date in terms of library databases, and generally support both the art form (through events such as every-other-year Festival Of Cartoon Art) and the industry (filling in blanks on publishing projects).

It's fitting that Caswell's move into a new position and Robb's ascension into her old role would come smoothly, as institutional continuity has always been a stated goal of Caswell's, the hope that access to and use of the holdings would continue past her own primary role in making those things possible.
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