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December 22, 2004


imageAs expected, word has begun to slip out that DC is launching a new in-line imprint sporting the rather stodgy name of 'DC All-Stars'. Although described in vague terms -- which is smart if you think about it -- it looks to be a blend of competitor Marvel's recent attempts at "outreach": in this case, supposedly newbie-friendly comics where the creative teams and event status of the books are counted on to entice existing readers.

It does offer Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely doing a run of Superman comics, which you can hear Morrison talk about here. The interview's a tad long, but Morrison is always at least clever and his succinct, summary shot at the business/distribution end of comics is pretty funny.

In other mainstream comics news, Mark Verheiden returns to comics via DC, Marvel plans to shuffle its creative teams around again, and Teen Hulk makes me laugh.

My take: DC All-Stars is more market stunt work, but not a surprising one since DC always does what Marvel does. Verheiden will write solidly crafted superhero pulp that no one will read, Marvel's shuffle-arounds will have about as much effect on bottom line as re-arranging the office cubicles, and Teen Hulk will continue to make me laugh.
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