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October 21, 2005

Charles Burns, Black Hole Profiled

Profiles like this one of Charles Burns and the Pantheon release Black Hole generally go under "quick hits," but it's a pretty good example of the species, with quotes from Chris Ware and Robert Crumb, as well as a more-focused-than-usual-for-this-kind-of-piece line of questioning or two featuring thoughtful responses from Burns himself. This is as solid a profile of a local yet largely unknown author in comics or prose you're likely to see, which kind of underlines the gains literary comics have made in the last decade -- not a move into the aggregate sales territory or a stab at the cultural currency of Spandex Man and His Glum Chums, but the treatment and, more and more often, unit sales of similarly-oriented authors working in prose.

I know that headline's dull, but you write "Major Burns Profile" and all that comes to mind is Larry Linville.
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