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December 13, 2004

Make Mine MFORMA


I can't tell if this deal is new or if it's just getting a second run as an effort is rolled out in conjunction with the slightly underperforming Marvel Enterprises movie Blade: Trinity, complete with a formal press release, announcement-driven news stories and top-of-web-site features (graphic pictured above).

I think this is worth noting, even if it's a re-run, as the mobile games world is still a somewhat new arena (my understanding, and please correct me, is that there has been a slower pick-up on this sort of usage from North American customers as opposed to those in other parts of the world, and more to come in terms of what the technology will be able to do -- indicating considerable potential growth). It's also worth pointing this out for Marvel's sake. One of the ongoing stories that Comics Reporter follows is Marvel's ability to use their renewed, movie-fueled public profile to secure a seres of smart, focused licensing and marketing deals. This more than anything else may be the difference between Marvel right now and the company in other periods of good times and general fatted calfness.
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