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October 10, 2005

Makin’ Your Lady Love The Funnies

I occasionally receive e-mail from folks wondering why CR doesn't more closely cover something called "comics culture" -- by which one usually means the values, experiences and concerns shared by an imagined and arbitrary grouping of comics readers. The primary reason is I could give a flying crap about the industry's sub-culture beyond the point that culture has an effect on art or on the business. Comics fans are even far from the most interesting sub-group if you're into the freak-show aspects of outsized, squirelly behavior.

Another reason is I don't understand comics culture. Here's a case in point: a columnist whose primary selling point seems to be "Hey, I'm a Girl," writing about how to get your significant other to read and enjoy comics. The significant other has to be female with a decided taste for soft fantasy, which seems broadly stereotypical. What about the ladies who love Judge Dredd or Johnny Ryan? Maybe someone could write a column about getting a male comics reader into discussing identity issues in Swan through comics that feature giant boobs, violence and dick jokes, or would that be weird? Again, this kind of thing baffles me.

I'm still a bit lost understanding why it would be of interest, but something like this seems a more comedic take on the notion of male/female comics readers and their stereotypical behavior.
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