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March 14, 2011

Malaysian Cartoon About Earthquake/Tsunami Criticized

imageA cartoon by Mohamad Zohri Sukimi that ran in the Malay-language publication Berita Harian showing Ultraman running away from a object-laden tsunami wave drew immediate criticism from readers of the publication and others that learned about it through social media. An on-line petition aimed at the publication quickly garnered signatures from hundreds of readers. Rather than digging in or pretending that the Facebook-driven outrage ran on a different track than the publication and its mission, editors at Berita Harian ran an almost immediate and full apology through their own Facebook presence. A six-paragraph apology was run on the front page of the print newspaper earlier today. That last linked-to piece discusses a related media gaffe, a television station rushing to sell advertising on its extended coverage of the disaster. I think this may be the original apology here.

Berita Harian is headquarted in Kuala Lampur and has a daily readership of approximately 150,000 people.
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