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June 8, 2009

Malcolm Douglas, 1954-2009


Lew Stringer reports that comics artist and illustrator Malcolm Douglas, who worked as JT Dogg, died in late March after a long struggle with cancer. As Dogg, Douglas contributed art to the "The Street-Hogs!" and "Ham Dare, Pig of the Future" features that ran in Oink, frequently commandeering the color spread at the publication's center. Douglas continued onto a number of what Steve Holland describes as adult comics for comics publications and magazines, and drew a strip for the Manchester United match publications featuring the team's mascot. On his web site, Douglas discussed a future potential return to making comics.

Douglas was also a musician with a specific interest in folk music. A tribute to his work with the Yorkshire Folk Arts group and to that area of culture in a variety of ways including as a performer can be found here.

An obituary at the Guardian drawing on the same sources notes he is survived by a mother and a brother.
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