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October 11, 2004

Manga Takes Bookscan Chart Top Back From Spiegelman, Towers

The impressive multi-week run of Art Spiegelman's In the Shadows of No Towers ends with manga taking over its natural (?) place at the top of the Bookscan charts, says

The longstanding conventional wisdom against Bookscan is that it only covers 70 percent of the bookstore market with a tendency towards big stores, leaving out independent booksellers of the kind that might do better with Spiegelman's work than a popular manga volume, so perhaps In the Shadow of No Towers would win out at a more representative count at all stores, perhaps not. And really, why even ask the question?

Marjane Satrapi's second Persepolis volume continues to sell well, placing solidly in the top five. No word yet on whether the plural in chart-topper Fruits Basket is there simply to drive old-time comics reporters and their copy editors insane. While you chew on that, here is comics author Matt Fraction's recent review of Spiegelman's latest work, which is still at #2 with over 20,000 total copies sold to date.
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