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January 4, 2015

Marc-Oliver Frisch Announces His Best Comics Of 2014 List

The writer about comics Marc-Oliver Frisch has posted here about the best comics of the year 2014. He does three lists: 7 memorable comics, collections of previously published material and ongoing comics series. He qualifies the last two lists as material he either didn't read (the collections) or may not be up to date in all cases (the ongoing material). He also notes he worked on a German translation of the #6 choice on his first list.

I like the specificity of the first list and the honesty behind the presentation of the second two. I'm glad to see Palm Ash and Bumf receive consideration. Those are both formidable comics.

His choices are as follows. Please follow that first link to read his commentary.



Memorable Comics 2014

7: Crossed + One Hundred #1, Alan Moore And Gabriel Andrade And Digikore Studios (Avatar Press)
6: Black Kiss, Howard Chaykin With Marc-Oliver Frisch And Lucia Truccone (Panini Comics)
5: Lose #6, Michael DeForge (Koyama Press)
4: Copra #14, Michel Fiffe (Copra Press)
3: Haunter, Sam Alden (Study Group Comics)
2: Palm Ash, Julia Gfrörer (Thuban Press) (Best Link Suggested To Me)
1: Bumf Vol. 1, Joe Sacco (Fantgraphics)




* Ant Colony, Michael DeForge (Drawn and Quarterly)
* Devil Dinosaur: The Complete Collection, Jack Kirby (Marvel)
* Doc Frankenstein, Lana Wachowski And Andy Wachowski And Steve Skroce (Burlyman)
* Escapo, Paul Pope (Z2)
* How to Be Happy, Eleanor Davis (Fantagraphics)
* Megahex, Simon Hanselmann (Fantagraphics)
* Street Angel, Jim Rugg And Brian Maruca (AdHouse)
* Sunny Vols. 3-4, Taiyo Matsumoto (Viz)
* The Complete Multiple Warheads, Brandon Graham (Image)
* The Shaolin Cowboy, Geof Darrow (Dark Horse)
* Through the Woods, Emily Carroll (Faber & Faber)
* Wonton Soup, James Stokoe (Oni)
* Youth Is Wasted, Noah Van Sciver (AdHouse)
* Zenith Phases 1-2, Grant Morrison And Steve Yeowell (Rebellion) (No Direct Publisher's Link, As Far As I Can Tell)

* * *


Commercial Serials

* Astro City, Kurt Busiek And Brent Anderson (DC)
* Captain Victory, Joe Casey And Nathan Fox And others (Dynamite)
* Crossed: Wish You Were Here, Simon Spurrier And Fernando Malek (Avatar)
* Das UPgrade, Ulf Graupner And Sascha Wüstefeld (Graufeld)
* Deadly Class, Rick Remender And Wes Craig (Image)
* Prophet and Prophet Strikefile, Brandon Graham And Simon Roy And Others (Image)
* Ragnarök, Walt Simonson (IDW)
* Rover Red Charlie, Garth Ennis And Michael Dipascale (Avatar)
* Saga, Brian Vaughan and Fiona Staples (Image)
* Sex, Joe Casey And Piotr Kowalski And Others (Image)
* Sex Criminals, Matt Fraction And Chip Zdarsky (Image)
* The Fade Out, Ed Brubaker And Sean Phillips (Image)
* The Private Eye, Brian Vaughan And Marcos Martin (Panel Syndicate)
* Über and Über Special, Kieron Gillen And Canaan White And Others (Avatar)

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