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November 14, 2006

Marc Weidenbaum Promoted At Viz

imageMarc Weidenbaum has been named Vice President, Magazines and Editor-in-Chief of Shonen Jump Shojo Beat. The notice at seems to point at his success with a series of magazines spotlight Naruto as a major accomplishment of Weidenbaum's time at Viz. He has previously held the position of Managing Editor of Shonen Jump and Editorial Director. If I remember my brief convention conversations with Weidenbaum, he's a genuine fan of the cartoonists featured in Viz's magazines, which is usually a beneficial thing when it comes to sustaining sales success over time.

Weidenbaum may be best known to hardcore North American comics enthusiasts as the longtime editor at Tower Records' Pulse! responsible for some of their strong comics content in the 1990s; the harder than hardcore may even remember an early comics-focused site/blog that given the strength of Weidenbaum's writing when it appears would certainly have become one of the highly-trafficked ones if continued. A comics version of this would have been boss.
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