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March 7, 2005

Marvel: 4th Quarter is Our Quarter

Marvel Enterprises, Inc. hit with better than expected 4th quarter profits, including a big bump from its merchandising arrangement with Sony that I seem to recall some observers had doubts would lead to big yields when announced. In the land of comics, the bottom-line on publishing seems strong, indicating that what some fans might see as the perceived slowdown of innovative comics titles and creative pairings may also be a smart, conservative, shoring up of the core properties. The analysis article tells you what you need to know, but it's much more fun to dig into the wire piece with all the numbers. Speaking of which, I'm not a movie guy, but the 2006 slate looks pretty brutal, particularly if Fantastic Four fails to hit and pressure builds on the next round to get them out of a perceived Elektra/Fantastic Four mini-slump.
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