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January 25, 2005

Marvel Trade Availability Issue Lingers

imageIn and of itself, a letter like this one to the comics business analysis site may not be worth pointing out. But Marvel has gone so long without being able to fulfill everyone's trade paperback orders that it's probably good to be reminded of that. It's not like this kind of thing will keep Marvel from being profitable -- fans have a huge appetite for the bulk of their product -- but it's pretty clear that they're leaving some sales on the table here. Last summer at the San Diego con I saw two retailers turn away customers for the seemingly always sold-out James Sturm/Guy Davis collaboration Unstable Molecules.

This interview with Peter Cuneo from last week by a member of the Marvel-loopy Motley Fool financial advice team doesn't have a whole lot to do with comics, but it's sort of fun in a weird way to hear a Marvel executive spend an entire interview spinning movie numbers.
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