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August 8, 2006

Marvel’s 2Q ‘06 Statement: Publishing Up, Income Down, Estimates Crushed

Marvel took an expected hit in second-quarter figures released yesterday, but as its results pounded analysts' per-share and sales forecasts Marvel was able to raise the bottom end of its year-end profit forecast in what was in general a good day for the company. Publishing sales were up 21 percent due to a continued move into bookstores and better-than-expected sales on the mini-series Civil War and its related comics.

As far as danger signs go, the always intensely Marvel-interested Motley Fool points to diminished cash reserves brought on by buybacks and a related embrace of some debt, which may leave the studio in a strange position moving into the movie business; smartly notes that toy retail sales were probably down and that the positive figure in the report reflected changes in the sales relationship as they move to Hasbro, following up with conference call information that there have been disruptions in product flow.
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