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March 15, 2006

Massive Dissatisfaction at Dupuis?

This article at seems more like a list of articles to be written rather than an article in itself, but the gist seems to be that the departure of Dimitri Kennes has thrown into relief a general feeling of dissatisfaction by that company's editorial culture with the arrangement they have with Media-Participations, so much so that an attempt may be need to repurchase the company from the media giant.

CR Reader David Turgeon Offers Up Some Background:
just to give you a quick background on the dupuis case: in 2004, dupuis was purchased by media-participations, a conglomerate which already owned dargaud, le lombard, kana, and many other imprints. with dupuis, media-participations became the single biggest comics publisher in france. but it has a symbolic meaning too: imagine if marvel & DC suddenly merged, & you get an idea of what this meant in the world of bandes dessinees... so the clash of (editorial) cultures, if not inevitable, was foreseeable.

presently, the direction at dupuis claims that media-participations is not giving them the independance that they were expecting to have after the merger. this explains the departure of dimitri kennes & the repurchase offer from the direction. on the article you link to, many dupuis authors have also weighed in (in the commentary section) in support for the direction.

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