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January 2, 2006

Maurice Dodd, 1922-2005


Maurice Dodd, the longtime writer of the British comic strip institutions The Perishers, passed away in Ashford, Surrey, late on December 31 after collapsing at home. He was 83 years old.

Dodd was born in east London in 1922. An advertising writer by trade, Dodd began writing The Perishers in the late 1950s when creator Bill Herbert asked him to step in and lend a creative hand. He wrote the strip from that point until his death, with artist Dennis Collins until 1983, and Collins' successors thereafter. The Perishers focused on a group of children and a dog named Boot; according to the BBC, Dodd's children believed a lot of their own foibles made it into the cartoon feature.

Dodd would retire from his advertising work in the 1980s to concentrate on writing for animation and children's books.

He is survived by four children and a wife of 60 years.

You can find son Mike Dodd's announcement of his father's passing here; a page at Toonhound here; an autobiographical piece by the cartoonist here; a fan page with the cast here; and a fan page with some strips here.

Thanks to Steve Block for the extra links.
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