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November 23, 2010

Maybe NYC Does Have The Best Scene


* the New York Observer kicks in with a bouncy article on the recent improvisational cartooning "Fisticuffs" event. The article manages to make the event sound like a fun time without diminishing the participants in any way, which is harder than it looks.

* the New York Times profiles the opening of the recent Denys Wortman show with a comprehensive article both on that show and the life and career of its subject. The best thing about the piece is how it deftly handles some pretty comics-specific ideas without having to over-explain or contextualize things. The article notes that when Wortman died the commercial pull of Peanuts and other gag-cartooning style strips had already changed the comics page forever; it also pushes through the show's multiple parents with equanimity and aplomb. If you've never seen Wortman's art up close and personal, and you're in New York, tried to get to this show.

* one advantage to living in one of the big cities like New York is that when an on-line magazine does a profile, they can use a photographer in order to help build their article, like this piece with Julia Wertz.
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