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June 11, 2009

Maybe The Last MoCCA Round-Up

A few quick ones:

* I continued to get the exhibitor thank you note forwarded to me from incredulous recipients into yesterday evening, although a couple of those folks were kind enough to suggest that maybe the initial letter wasn't the place to address exhibitor concerns.

* I'm not the king of comics gossip or anything -- the site kind of limits where I can be invited and I devote several hours of every weekday I could be e-mailing with pals to transcribing Star Trek fan films onto Usenet -- but I'll take a stab at something and note that the tenor of chatter I was in on this week moved from "I can't believe the weekend" on Monday to, by late last night, intense speculation on the role of the MoCCA Festival in MoCCA's larger plans and the long-term likeliness and necessity of a marriage between that organization and New York's small press show. I think this further suggests that the museum would do well to deal directly with the various concerns raised, maybe starting with table price. I don't think there's a time-clock on it or anything, but I do think there will be lingering questions until they're engaged. If they're engaged.

* finally, the real reason I wanted to post this is to draw attention to a few considerable con reports: here's a great one by Tom Devlin at Drawn and Quarterly that reminds us how MoCCA takes place in the context of wonderful New York City, and a just-as-good one by D&Q's Jessica Campbell with more of a show focus; Big Time Attic's report gives you some insight on what it's like to be an emerging cartoonist (Kevin Cannon) with new work to show off; the report at Vice shows some great pics from Alvin Buenaventura's pass-around sketchbook; Johanna Draper Carlson provides another reference point on the show from someone whose general take on things is well known; here's a lengthy and highly-personalized report from someone I've never read, which is one of the great things about searching them out.
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