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May 28, 2016

Michael Ramirez Wins Reuben Award


Article here. I'm not sure what to say, other than congratulations to him. Ramirez is probably the leading conservative editorial cartoonist, and his cartoons reflect that worldview in rigorous fashion. He's also a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner and multiple past division awards winner.

What's confusing about Ramirez, to be frank, is that I've never encountered an articulation of what makes him a special cartoonist, let alone a cartoonist of the import you'd infer from his award wins. I have heard and agree that he's notable for his stands-out status as a conveyer of political views from the right-hand side of the spectrum, but I'm still way more familiar with the virtues of the late, beloved conservative editorial cartoonist Jeff MacNelly than I am with this award-winner that's much more of a contemporary and now joins Walt Kelly, Roz Chast, Hal Foster and Charles Schulz in a specific room in the building of cartooning's history.

I'd run such a piece if someone wanted to write one, and I'd certainly link to one if directed, but the absence has always been noticeable to me.

One thing that's interesting about this year's awards program is that five cartoonists were nominated: Ramirez, Lynda Barry, Hillary Price, Mark Tatulli and Stephan Pastis. Looking at that list, it might be worth noting that Ramirez stood out in terms of being the sole representative of his kind of cartooning. But beyond understanding it, I'm not sure we need to go further than that the awards program has always considered him a favorite.

There's a full list of happy division awards winners ranging from Dave Kellett to Ann Telnaes at the link; I'll post that group tomorrow here.
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