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June 28, 2016

Michel Renaud’s Widow Files Charges Against Charlie Hebdo

This is just awful-sounding. It's hard for me to believe that millions of dollars are necessary to stabilize the publication of a magazine, if I'm even understanding what that means, even one in Hebdo's unique situation. I also believe that something firm and clear of major, dangling questions -- the kind of questions that are suggested here to be unresolved in some way -- should have been worked out as immediately and with as much clarity as possible after the 2015 shooting.

The lawsuits and some of the public complaints surrounding Hebdo brought to bear by those with a connection to the magazine interest me not just for the hangover of the drama involved but because a lot of the questions are limited to the event and the crime and the direct aftermath in terms of things like monies raised -- and they're still deeply messed up. It's something familiar to people I know who have been in close proximity to life-changing violence: shifting contexts can only exacerbate or provide some small tonic in the face of core wounds; the wounds themselves remain.
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