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March 30, 2010

Mikhaela Reid Retires From Alt-Editorials

imageAlan Gardner caught Mikhaela Reid's announcement that she's ceasing operations on her political cartooning efforts, aimed at an alt-weekly market that was meager to begin with and has only become worse over the years. Reid began The Boiling Point in 2002 and has supplied the feature with 1-2 cartoons a week ever since. She began with one client, crested at about six or seven, and is currently back down to one. Reid cites various time factors as well, including the fact that she's an expectant mom. It's a straight-forward article, I think, well worth your time if you're interested in that aspect of cartooning at all. If you're more of a comic book person, consider that the alt-weekly cartooning (both editorial and feature-style cartooning) bottom has fallen out of that market in much the same way the traditional alternative comic book market all but dropped out in the last seven or eight years while the more substantial, traditional version of that market has held on. Reid cites a number of concurrent interests this may free her up to pursue, and we wish her the best.
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