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October 20, 2004

Miracleman to Marvel; Staff Movement

imageHeidi MacDonald makes good use of her impressive list of personal and professional contacts in providing on-the-ground reports that Neil Gaiman has been talking up an impending Miracleman deal with Marvel Comics. Some may find news of imminent, unpublished Shel Silverstein a bit more exciting than another shot at even a seminal revisionist superhero work, but the Miracleman comic definitely has an audience eager to see it back in print after its long, winding publishing history and compelling sideways journey into court.

Heidi also provides the most succinct new-hires memo on the movement of two talent recruiters between 360ep, Marvel and Tokyopop. I can't recall anyone significant leaving Tokyopop for New York; Bill Jemas taking on some familiar names is less of a surprise.
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