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August 17, 2017

Missed It: Bleeding Cool Survey-Style Article On Rhetorical Fallout Post-Charlottesville

Here. There's a lot to consume there, and even more to be considered in general, but I'm not deeply enmeshed in the world of back-and-forth commentary anymore to follow all of it or even a cogent sampling. Your opinion about some comics professionals in good or even privileged standing is subject to change any time you go and look at such matters, and should be. These are public statements and thus may have public consequences.

I've always believed if people make thoughtful, moral decisions about what they do/consume/support on a consistent basis that we'll be better off in the long run than we are when they don't. I still think that's more true than false. I'm certain I'll have thundering disagreements with individual positions along the way -- I struggle with any concept of running around and protesting a voted-upon effort while armed and acting as if you get $1000 cash for every inciting incident you perform as a free speech event, for instance -- but I welcome the serious attention to these matters of fundamental American meaning that too frequently assert that a stalemate is a settled matter. We should continue.
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