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January 19, 2015

Missed It: CBLDF Announces 2015 Membership Packages, Levels, Incentives—Also A Magazine

imageThere's a fairly major announcement from the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund here that I missed while I was, I don't know, biking to the Village Pantry to buy Bit O'Honey candy bars and look for the latest CARtoons Magazine. There's a bunch of stuff in there about their membership program including various reward levels -- something they've refined over the years.

They're also doing a quarterly magazine, which is nice because of the quality of their on-line articles over the last 30 months or so. Anyway, even if you're not one to join or prefer joining at your year con intersection with those good folks, it's worth a read to check out what they're up to. There's no comics institution of greater importance.
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