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November 3, 2019

Missed It: CR Turned 15 Last Month


I missed my anniversary.

CR started right around when Christopher Reeve died -- although it's hard to tell exactly when because I ran it silent for a while to get used to the software. Mr. Reeve died October 10, 2004.

I'm thankful for the opportunity of Comics Reporter, touched by every single person that has spent some time here and/or otherwise helped and fully cognizant of all the times I've fallen short of promises made. I will figure it out or I will die not having figured it out. I hope by the time I'm finished or it has finished me that CR has been an overall good thing. Even if we've just kept each other company, that can be a lot. It's been that way for me.

I'm in awe of people who make art. It's how we pray to one another.

My thanks to Jordan Raphael, who built me a web site because I lost my newspaper strip job and he wanted to cheer me up. If I have any lesson to offer it's that you should always be nice to the interns. You never know if one of them will save you.
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