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June 23, 2005

Missed It: Dave Coverly Round-Up

imageI spaced on Editor and Publisher's recent profile of Speed Bump cartoonist Dave Coverly, which I found interesting for a couple of reasons. First, his ForeWord Magazine win came in the humor book category, from a book that as described sounds like more of a hands-on effort than a traditional Andrews McMeel volume. One of the little-discussed side effects of booksellers' renewed interest in comics and cartoons is that more publishers will be taking on more newspaper cartoonists, which should lead to the tweaking of a pretty hidebound presentational format. Second, Coverly was one of three finalists for the Reuben this year that went to Pat Brady, and the only finalist that screamed "new guy" so he bears watching in general, particularly in what seems like a very calm market. If nothing else, the Reubens nomination was the first time in five years I'd read about a Creators syndicate cartoonist that was not angering people with strident imagery on Easter Sunday.
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