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February 8, 2017

Missed It: David Sipress On Staying Sane

The cartoonist David Sipress writes about staying sane despite maintaining a high news consumption rate in order to do his job, thoughts I think a range of people feel. There are a number of ways to go at this article, including a criticism of the remove it discusses as a totem of privilege. There's also an interesting sideways way of thinking about this in terms of what you do with stories into which the current political situation doesn't automatically intrude, and what means.

For me, though, I'm interested in the fact a very apt cartoonj that Sipress did in the New Yorker style has become viral without being in the New Yorker. I wonder if that's a first, because I assume that's the market for which it was intended. That would be the first time I recall a rejected cartooning having this kind of second life, although maybe I'm not thinking clearly. Anyway, it's the kind of thing that interests me.
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