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February 7, 2016

Missed It: Egyptian Cartoonist Held Briefly On What Look Like Made-Up Concerns

If you get the chance, you should read Al-Monitor's interview with the Egyptian cartoonist Islam Gawish about his late January detention by Egyptian officials. There are a bunch of compelling ideas in operation there. Gawish is best known for very simple cartoons that comment on politics and culture; as you can read in the interview he isn't exactly a radical about it and is happy to decry people that go too far into inappropriate uses for caricature. Still, Gawish found himself being charged with operating an unlicensed web site.

One big problem is that Gawish distributes his material via social media, on pages that don't have a licensing or fee structure. That makes this look less like an administrative practice and more like a potential censor checking in.
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