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June 13, 2005

Missed It: FBI’s Ignatz Series


I totally spaced this, but it looks like my former full-time employer Fantagraphics will be doing a bunch of "tweener" publications -- saddle-stitched comics with high production values at a small page count and a price point that says serious comics reader rather than casual comic buyer. Included will be works from Matt Broersma (above), David B., Francesca Ghermandi, Gipi, Lorenzo Mattotti, Igort, Marti, Anders Nilsen and Kevin Huizenga. They will release the books in little groups every three months. I think that's kind of interesting. It's long been a practice of Fantagraphics to kind of go higher production and less accessible price point for artists who will find it a bit tougher to achieve a huge American audience. For instance, if memory serves, Max Andersson and Aleksandr Zograf's comics have generally come out at a bit more expensive price. This also puts me in the mind of David B's Babel, which I believe is continuing at FBI after a first issue at D&Q. I thought that book was beautiful, and certainly would be willing to extend a great deal of money for beautiful works from Lorenzo Mattotti and Kevin Huizenga almost sight unseen.

Cover From Matt Broersma's Insomnia #1 which will retail at $7.95 for 32 pages.
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