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September 2, 2009

Missed It: Helping Steve Perry

This is already a couple of weeks old, but Steve Bissette had a piece up a few weeks back on the plight of animation (Thundercats) and comic book writer (Timespirits) Steve Perry. Perry is apparently destitute and suffering from terminal cancer and is in desperate need of postal money orders (he is without a bank account) at Steve Perry, 38046 8th Ave, Zephyrhills, FL 33542. I'm going to send a small amount today and ask the kind-hearted among you out there to consider doing same.

If the money order part is a pain in the butt, I'd be as happy as last time to take anyone's paypal payments (bobosmailATgoDOTcom) and pass that along to Mr. Perry in the way he apparently needs it to be passed along.

This plea and the similar effort to raise money on behalf of John Ostrander's vision problems I think brings renewed clarity to the fact we may be entering into a period of comics people in trouble that could dwarf the already somewhat horrifying era of intermittent calls for such help in which we currently reside. If the men and women for whom comics was still something of a structured middle class entry point have suffered as much as they have, the toll about to be taken from those creators who lived in a more wide-open era of constant financial sacrifice during the ostensibly flush years could be apocalyptic. We can and have to do better.
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