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October 23, 2014

Missed It: Jenny Robb Wins Ink Bottle Award From AAEC

imageI haven't seen anything official out of Satire Fest the weekend before last -- what comes up on a Twitter looks like fun -- and I thought I might considering that it's also the Association Of American Editorial Cartoonist meeting for the Fall. If anyone knows of a summary piece, please let me know and I'll run something in a paragraph I'll insert right below this one.

One thing that completely escaped my attention despite being solidly within my link-search wheelhouse is that Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum Curator Jenny Robb received their Ink Bottle Award. I believe it went to Bob Harvey last year, and that it's their "contributions to the art form" type award. Anything Robb wins is well-deserved. That's such a valuable form of cartoon expression that anything that can be done in its support is a valuable service.
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