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November 10, 2010

Missed It: Leiji Matsumoto Awarded Order Of The Rising Sun Honor

imageThe Japanese government announced on November 3 that it was awarding manga and anime creator Leiji Matsumoto with its Order Of The Rising Sun decoration, specifically the Gold Rays with Rosette honor. You can read about the honor here, which informs us that the general order is generally the highest such honor someone not directly involved in governance can receive, and that this specific class is the one that was afforded Tommy Lasorda, George Takei and Frederik Schodt. Among the various, popular manga and anime franchises linked to Matsumoto are his Galaxy Express 999 series and the Space Battleship Yamato cartoon that was a hit in the West under the name Star Blazers.

The same post notes that Shigeru Mizuki was among 17 people named Persons Of Cultural Merit this year.
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