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August 21, 2016

Missed It: Snapshot Of Summer’s DM Sales

Here. It looks like comics fans tend to enjoy continuity-driven line-relaunches, at least enough their retailers are willing to take a bet on the material. I would also imagine that DC getting a summer boost also indicates that Marvel's last line-wide gussying-up had some real weakness in terms of energy to the top of the line, and that Civil War 2 hasn't been had a strong satellite-book effect.

The key of course is whether DC can keep a significant amount of this attention, both in terms of what they do and what the market allows. There's still a structural argument that the overall audience is much smaller than we think during these flush months, that the most desirable customer is even more rare, and that even with records being set that's more the nature of a broader market and a focused-fan's ability to make comics their only heavy-cash endeavor now that everything else has sunk to the floor a bit. So what you could have is a broad audience being served broadly, which is long-term inefficient for the kind of delivery system we have in place for that world of comics, plus a harder core comics reader that moves from thing to thing they believe "matter" in the sense of the overall experience.
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