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June 10, 2005

Monsieur Jean Book Launch Details

imageI thought this short piece on a launch for the new Monsieur Jean volume from Dupuy and Berberian was interesting just to give you perspective on how a publisher might introduce a book to market in Europe as opposed to America. It also gives me a chance to link up to Brusel, as I really like the photos of this store. The print here looks kind of odd as a scan but I have another Dupuy and Berberian piece from Brusel's shop and it's quite excellent looking. It occurs to me that if an American publisher did this is you'd get irritated fans on message boards griping they couldn't get the special booklet available at the launch. I would imagine another circumstance that would keep American publishers from arranging similar functions, however modest, on a regular basis is that American publishers often don't have a good feel for when a book will actually be out.
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