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June 2, 2009

More From Book Expo America 2009

* e-publishing pioneer Glenn Hauman writes a recap of his experience at BEA over at ComicMix, reminding us that the advance reading copies of Darwyn Cooke's adaptation of The Hunter hit at this show.

* one of Hauman's photos includes Rick Marshall, who does his own write-up of BEA for the MTV Splash Page site.

* here's Paul Constant's in-show post that mentions the Parker adaptation and also that Stitches book, just in case you wanted the comics-cognizant but still a book person point of view.

* here's the first thing I've seen on general attendance figures.

* making cameos in PW's children's book round-up are Neil Gaiman, Glenn Dakin and Patrick McDonnell. Not together.

* in a short editorial, Peggy Burns of Drawn and Quarterly explains why that company wasn't on-hand: a combination of their distributor not wanting them there, the high cost of exhibiting and the ways they can use that money on more directly pushing their books in the directions that even an ideal BEA would afford them. Burns mentions the possibility of BEA doing regional, open-to-the-public book shows. I think if you read Constant's post and the Burns you'll realize that there are opportunities for regional book shows to carve a brand-new identity as BEA settles in to its new identity.
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