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February 26, 2009

More Major Firings At Wizard Today?

I've heard from a source who's batted 1.000 on these stories in the past that there may have been another round of firings at Wizard today. According to the source, current staff writers Rachel Molino, Kevin Mahadeo, David Paggi and Steve Sunu were let go. Also departing according to the source are Senior Vice President/Operations Joe Yanarella, Art Director Eric Goodman, and Operations Manager Jodie Westhoff.

If this turns out to be true, this would be the single-day biggest purge yet, hitting both the writing part of the magazine staff, paring it down to just a few editors now, and convention organizers (I think) Yanarella and Westhoff. If confirmed or denied, I'll report back here.

Wizard has purged a tremendous number of staff people over the last several months, reorganizing some departments and eliminating some positions outright. Their convention business has received increased competition from Reed Exhibitions -- they recently halved those offerings -- and magazines generally have suffered from a move of eyeballs to the Internet and a loss of advertising revenue.
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