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June 23, 2009

More On Cartooning And Iran Unrest


* now that it's easier/possible to access the Reporters Sans Frontieres site, we learn that the cartoonist reportedly among the two dozen or so journalists arrested and/or imprisoned was Behzad Basho, and that he was actually taken about a week before the list was released, back on the 14th. I have to admit, I don't know who that is. There's no such cartoonist listed at Iran Cartoon, and I can't find a distinct google mention before this arrest. That's not to cast aspersions on the veracity of the report, just to point out how many cartoonists there are working over there. Also, the timing of the arrest would fit in with this person being the cartoonist at the provincial paper Velayat shut down early last week for a cartoon.

* cartoonist and on-line syndication specialist Daryl Cagle talks to Nikahang Kowsar and publishes work from Mana Neyestani (above), two of the best cartoonists from Iran. Both cartoonists had left Iran in previous years because of a clash with the government on a political issue -- Neyestani sat in Tehran's most notorious prison for a while.

* I've been looking around for American cartoonists that were able to find a second story in this mess. That's a strength that cartoonists overseas seem to display more frequently than their North American brethren -- in fact, I had a couple of e-mails from people baffled by a couple of European cartoons that commented on something more specific than "they stole the election." The two avenues for follow-ups in the States seem to be something on the role of Twitters as a communicative hub and a few that got into the political details of the American response. Tom Tommorow's, excerpted below, is probably the best of the latter.

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